MCDA Season Finale at Nashville Shores 2021

Event Date Location Location Address Schedule
May 15, 2021 Nashville Shores Nashville, TN 4001 Bell Rd Hermitage , TN 37076
Based on the current park restrictions for groups/large gatherings this competition will be held in the back-up venue. TBA
Will be sent to coaches on the Monday prior to Event


Athletes: 75.00

Individual Routines: $ 30.00

Crossovers: $ 25.00

Spectators: $40.00


NOTE: This event starts before the park opens for general business. All spectator tickets must be MCDA tickets. Tickets purchased from other places will not be accepted for early entry.

Tumble off/Jump Off These can be registered the day of the event. These are divided by age.

Best Jumps: 1 stationary jump and 1 combo

Best Tumble 1 Stationary skill and 1 running pass

Event T-Shirts :

Timeline Pictures and Videotaping Full Spring Floor
Time Line Registration and tickets 7:00am
Warm-ups 8:00am
Team Competition 8:30 am
Individual competition begins after Team awards
Allowed Yes


Awards All athletes receive 2 gifts for participating

Team Awards:

1st place teams banner and all members receive medals
2nd-5th placing teams receive plaque and team members receive ribbons

Individual Awards:
All individuals receives trophies

Exhibition Teams:
Banner and team members receive ribbons

Specialty Awards

Detailed info sheet will be mailed to the coaches after registration is received

Host Hotel

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