SpiritFest Palm Springs 2021

Event Date Location Location Address Schedule
March 21, 2021 Palm Springs CA Rancho Mirage High School
​31001 Rattler Road
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

will be sent the Monday prior to the event


Athletes $35.00

Crossovers 25.00
Individuals $25.00 on a registered team

Tumble off /Jump off These can be registered the day of the event. These are divided by age
Best Jumps 1 stationary jump and 1 combo
Best Tumble 1 stationary skill and 1 running pass


Adults$10.00  Children 5-10 $5.00  Under 5 Free




Event T-Shirts : Visit our store. Event shirts can be pre-ordered prior to the event.

Timeline Pictures and Videotaping Full Spring Floor
Parking Lot Opens 10:30am
Registration Opens 10:30am
Warm-up Activities 11:30am
Competition Begins 12:00pm

Awards TBA
Allowed Yes


All Athletes receive 2 competitor gifts for participating
Team Awards:
1st place teams Banner and all members receive ribbons

2nd-5th placing teams receive banner and team members receive ribbons

Individual Awards:
All individuals receives trophies

Exhibition Teams:
Banner and team members receive ribbons

Specialty Awards

Detailed info sheet will be mailed to the coaches after registration is received

Host Hotel

MCDA Reservations

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