Pre-Season Events


Pre-Season Events are different every year. Based on how far the teams are with their routines. Some years we will have 50 teams at a pre-season event and other years 7 teams. It’s just hit or miss.

MCDA does not cancel events based on low registration. **The majority of our pre-season events are in Theme parks. Small events do have benefits its great practice for your upcoming nationals and good for team bonding! It’s a theme park ALWAYS FUN!

In the event there are less than 12 teams registered. We will offer all registered teams the opportunity to perform additional routines at no additional charge and to enter individual routines at no additional charge.

All awards do remain the same and teams will receive critique sheets to help them with future competitions. All teams must still follow USASF guidelines

We do not use a spring floor for events with less than 12 teams. In the event you attend a preseason event that is small and we do not use spring your gym can attend any of our Spirit Events during that season free of charge or take 25.00 off any theme park event during the season.

If you have any questions please let me know!

**MCDA will not cancel and event based on low registration however Theme Parks may not allow us use of theater in the event its too small. MCDA will try and locate an alternate venue if this comes up but it is NOT guaranteed.

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